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August Levenshulme Market

by on August 24, 2013

It’s been a month since our first Levenshulme market. A whole fascinating month meeting amazing Mancunians at every step, through festivals, trips, museums and concerts.

After wandering for so long it is now clear why the Levy market is so successful and why people put all their efforts in maintaining it after the council decided it was no longer profitable. It’s the friendly atmosphere, the sense of community that brings together traders, producers and customers. Margo&Rita confessed they prefer large festival over markets and Levenshulme was an exception because of its great mix of people. Each month true food lovers make their pilgrimage to the South of Manchester knowing they will find their favourites there and, possibly, a bit more.

We too have our ritual, starting with Scotch eggs from the Moocher, Spanish olives and mojo made by La Guagua, scones from Pudding&Pie Café and cheesecake from Cheesecake Charlie. Today we found some incredible sticky toffee pudding and red gooseberry&apple pie at The Buttery and we finally got the chance to try arepas. My favourite was the lemon chicken with creamy avocado. Its only fault – it finished too soon. One other stop worth mentioning – the Keverigg cheese made by Winter Tarn. Beside their own recipe, the cheese selection they offer is exceptional. Unfortunately, Tickety Brew ran out of dubbel, so we’ll have to wait until next month to sample it. We got a nice story instead, about an actor that wanted to brew beer, a catchy label design which inspired the name and an old bus ticket machine from Leeds proving that randomness sometimes creates extraordinary things. Recently, Tickety Brew had some troubles with their name which, luckily, resolved amiably. Their brand is here to stay, promising a successful future for their brewery.

There is no true market without greens and vegetables. The Bud Garden Centre are in charge with supplying plants, organic veggies and gorgeous lettuce. We also met the people at Levenshulme Allotment Holders’ Society and found out they snatched all the awards at the Dig the City fête and are organising their annual show on September 7th.

In terms of arts&crafts, the robot drawings of Jon Turner were truly captivating. Hersin had some intricate handmade jewellery and Carafe displayed the cutest homeware.

It was great to see the Levy market buzzing with customers, photographers and bloggers. The excitement has spread rapidly amongst Mancunians turning Levenshulme into the new favourite place.

Photography © Claudiu Mihăilă


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